The Art Corner

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     As time goes on, art makes different developments. Being born in the height of graphic art development, I got into it pretty quickly. It makes for an unstable job which is why I never decided to pursue it, but every once in a while a friend or small company owner will shoot me a message asking for a logo here or a banner there. I'm always open to a graphic art gig.


     I REALLY like the gasoline effect that I managed to pull off here. So, this creature is the alternative form that the main character in my future novel can turn into. So, I guess that's that.


     This took HOURS! My best work so far though, and it was well worth the hours. I guess I don't have much to say about the thing except for the fact that it was partially inspired by deep sea creatures. I also like the fact that I'm not bad at neon lights.


     Dan mah man wanted me to design a shirt for him for KMR (Kaiju Movie Review), a thing I'm proudly a part of. He DID like the design, which is pretty cool. I like it too, a great step up from the other title card.


     Two dogs... tearing the shit outta each other. What can I say? It's a dog eat dog world. I guess this is somewhat of an ode to how disgusting dog fighting is. At the same time, people aren't really that different, are they?


     So, with another work gone wrong (not terribly wrong to the point of giving up on it or anything, but wrong enough to table the idea for now to come up with something a little different and hopefully appealing to my watchers), I decided to start over, this time with a better idea.

     I know I don't usually do this, but I'm actually going to tell you how I did this (I'm thinking of posting tortorials soon but I find that they take a while to do).

     What I did was, First, I started off with a basic red screen (Or any other color if you want to get creative). Then I grabbed a Godzilla picture a set it into a setting called "Threshold" (Image>Adjustments>Threshold). You have to play around with it for a while until you get it the way you want it. You'll see that your Godzilla (Or any other picture of choice) will be very... sharp. Basically, it'll be black and white. Unless you want to keep it black and white, the way to change the white to being transparent and the black remain (Like the way I have it) is to change the blending to "Darken" (As seen in the drop down menu).

      That's how I got the Godzilla the way I wanted it. I did the same for the ink splatters and the letters for "Gojira". You can do whatever you want, as one of my favorite phrases state, "Go nuts!"


     Sketch done by my trusty mechanical pencil, coloring/highlighting/shading done by none other than Photoshop. I wanted to try a new style (well, I did it with the Reptilicus drawing, not sure if you're familiar with it) and perfect it. I kinda like how it turned out all in all.


     The Kanji Symbol means "Wind", hence the title. This took me almost two days to do.


     I've taken quite a large interest in different animal skulls. The canine skull in particular. It has an odd shape and design to it. Then again, many other skulls do (Have you ever seen a hippo skull? It's insane!). Anyway, I came up with this, enjoy!



Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C)

"Match 43: King Kong vs. Gorosaurus, Titanosaurus, and Baragon"

"Match 44: Kumasogami vs. King Caesar"

"Match 45: Anguirus vs. Baragon"

"Match 46: Destroyah vs. Gyaos vs. Ultraman"

"Match 47: Titanosaurus vs. Jet Jaguar"

"Match 48: Anguirus vs. Baragon vs. Gomora vs. Titanosaurus vs. Titanosaurus"

"Match 49: Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter"

"Match 50: Monster X vs. Bagan"

"Match 51: Bagan vs. Everyone"

"Match 54: Godzilla and Anguirus vs. Gororin" 

"Match 55: Frankenstein vs. Gaira"

"Match 56: Bagan vs. Everyone: Fallout" 

"Match 58: Mechagodzilla vs. Moguera"

"Match 60: King Ghidorah vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah"

"Match 62: King Caesar vs. Iris"

"Match 64: Monster X vs. Gorosaurus" 

"Match 65: Gabara vs. Goliath" 

"Match 66: Ultraman and Gomora vs. Space Godzilla" 

"Match 67: Kumonga vs. King Kong"

"Match 68: Bagan vs. Orochi vs. Utsuno Ikusagami"

"Match 70: Biollante vs. Grand King Ghidorah and Mecha-King Ghidorah"

"Match 73: Hedorah vs. Dagarah and Desghidorah"

"Match 79: Spacegodzilla vs. Grand King Ghidorah"

"Match 87: Manda and Varan vs. Megalon and Gigan"

"Match 90: Godzillasaurus vs. Gorosaurus"

"Match 91: Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla, Obsidius and Krystalak vs. Mechagodzilla vs. Biollante"

"Match 93: Mechagodzilla and Gigan vs. Kiryu and Ultraman"

"Match 95: Monster X and Orga vs. Godzilla, Godzilla Junior and Rodan"

"Match 96: Megalon vs. Ultraman"

"Match 98: Spyler and Wargilar vs. Gigan and Megalon"

"Match 100: Everyone vs. Everyone"

"Match 101: Legion vs. Grand King Ghidorah"

"Match 102: Orga vs. Mothra"

"Match 103: King Caesar vs. Monster X"

"Match 108: Godzilla vs. Dogora"

"Match 121: Kiryu vs. Hedorah"

"Match 125: Grand King Ghidorah vs. Ultraman"

"Match 126: Godzilla Junior vs. Zilla"

"Match 127: Mothra vs. Destroyah"